high tide

high tide
the tide when the water is highest
Syn: ↑high water, ↑highwater
Ant: ↑low tide
Hypernyms: ↑tide
Hyponyms: ↑direct tide, ↑neap tide, ↑neap, ↑springtide

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high tide,
1. the highest level of the tide.
2. the time when the ocean comes up highest on the shore.
3. Figurative. the highest point.

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n. the state of the tide when at its highest level

at high tide you have to go inland

the highest point of something

the high tide of nationalism

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noun, pl ⋯ tides [count, noncount]
: the tide when the water is at its highest level

At high tide the water covers the rocks completely.

— sometimes used figuratively

He became involved in social issues at the high tide of the civil rights movement. [=at the most active and important time of the civil rights movement]

compare low tide

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ˌhigh ˈtide [high tide] noun uncountable, countable
the time when the sea has risen to its highest level; the sea at this time

You can't walk along this beach

at high tide



the high tide of Victorian prosperity

(= the time when sth is most popular or successful)

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high tide
see tide.

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